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Do you still believe in the greatness of American ideals?

In individual rights?  In liberty?  In free markets?  In limited government?  In the Constitution?


Do you believe that these principles are what set America apart and made it a beacon of hope for all of humanity?

Are you upset that these principles are so often today forgotten, misstated, and even attacked by so many?
Are you sick of the barrage of anti-American messages being fed to our young adults?  To all of us?

Do you wish for a book that pays tribute to our fundamental principles in a way that is powerful and yet still fun to read?

That tells the story of America and these ideals succinctly and clearly?
That tells this story in rhymes and verses that are catchy and easy to understand? 
That tells this story in a way that can be shared easily?
That is sure to be read and reread over and over?

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If so, then The Story of Greatville is a book you must own!

Set in rhymed verse and colorfully illustrated, The Story of Greatville is a tribute to these ideals, a warning that we have lost our way, and a reminder that each of us has a voice in the battle of ideas.

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About the Author

Mark Ensomme grew up outside Buffalo, NY and from an early age had a love of reading and history. Ensomme was inspired to write The Story of Greatville, a rhymed history fable after reading Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.  His goal from the beginning was to introduce the themes of individualism, reason, free markets, and American exceptionalism to young and old alike in a fun, easy to read, condensed story. Presenting these ideas entirely in rhymed verse was a challenge that both frustrated and motivated him, and The Story of Greatville is the culmination of that dream and years of a labor of love.  Ensomme calls The Story of Greatville a marriage of Ayn Rand and Dr. Seuss, and believes it provides an introduction to these ideas in a book that can be read in 15 minutes.  Ensomme is the owner of Mark Ensomme Creations, LLC and lives with his wife and two children in Tennessee.  The Story of Greatville is Ensomme’s first book.

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About The Story of Greatville

Powerful and direct, yet witty and clever, this story is both a tribute to America and a warning that we have lost our way. It was written in the hope that America’s founding principles are not forgotten and that they can continue to lift humanity as they have throughout history. Never more timely than now, this story, this history, and this book deserve a place in every home, school, and heart that cherishes liberty.

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